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Abracon Corporation

Abracon Corporation

Abracon has created a highly competitive business model that has enabled it to supply OEMs, contract manufacturers and distributors with a wide range of high quality microprocessor crystals, crystal oscillators, SAW devices, and a complete line of magnetic components. Dove distributes Abracon SMD Oscillators, Thru-Hole Oscillators, SMD VCXOs (voltage controlled crystal oscillator), TCXOs (temperature controlled crystal oscillators) SMD Programmables,Thru-Hole Programmables, SMD Low EMI (Spread Spectrum), Thru-Hole Low EMI XOs (Spread Spectrum), SMD & Thru-Hole VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators) Ceramic glass sealed oscillators, SMD Crystals, Tuning Fork Crystals, Thru-Hole Crystals, Thru-Hole Tuning Fork Crystals, and various other crystals and oscillators. Abracon crystals and oscillators in stock now at Dove Electronic Components, Inc.

Featured: ASE

Data Sheet The ASE Series crystal oscillator features: Low height 1.2mm max, Tri-state function, Low current consumption, 30mA max for 200MHz, Low RMS jitter 5ps max, Suitable for RoHS reflow and available for tight stability options. Common applications include: CCD clock for VTR camera, Equipment connected to PC or PC cards, PDA, wireless communication and Laptop SSD's (Solid State Drive).

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