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AVX Kyocera

AVX Kyocera

AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer of electronic components including crystals and oscillators. Dove supplies AVX timing devices which include, Clock Crystal Oscillators (SMD), Clock Crystal Oscillators CMOS, High Precision Crystal Oscillators Digital TCXO (temperature controlled crystal oscillators), High Precision OCXO (oven controlled crystal oscillator), TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillators), VCO (voltage controlled oscillators), VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillators), VCSO (voltage controlled SAW oscillators), High Precision GPS Oscillators, crystal units SMD & Leaded type and lead free/ ROHS compliant crystals and oscillators. AVX crystals and oscillators in stock now at Dove Electronic Components, Inc. For more information regarding AVX / Kyocera , call 1-800-232-9825

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Data Sheet The PBRC Series ceramic chip resonators feature high reliability, high temperature withstanding ceramic case, rectangular shape allows easy pick and placement, small & low profile package, reflow solderable and excellent solderability (nickel barrier+Au flush termination).

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