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ECS Inc. International

ECS Inc. International

ECS has been a leading innovator and manufacturer frequency control devices for over 30 years. From cylindrical quartz based tuning forks to high stability oven controlled clock oscillators, ECS offers the most comprehensive frequency control solutions in the world. With its continued growth ECS has shown that it has the managerial, manufacturing and financial resources to support its aggressive road map to the future. ECS continues to create cutting edge designs and can provide a continuous flow of new frequency control products…that meet the needs of the future…TODAY! The ECS advantage: Unmatched Engineering support Product offering that covers a wider range of frequency control devices than its competition Leaders in design and innovation of quartz based and lithium based frequency control devices Custom product offerings that include extended temperature range characteristics and Tight Tolerance stability. For more information regarding ECS Components, call 1-800-232-9825

Featured: ECS-327SMO

Data Sheet ECS International's ECS-327SMO Series surface mount oscillators utilize a 32.768 KHz tuning fork crystal in a ceramic package. It is designed specifically for PCMCIA (wireless) & portable communication equipment among other applications.

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