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Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal

Founded in 1978 in Grenchen , Switzerland as a producer of watch crystals, MICRO CRYSTAL has become the leading supplier of miniature quartz crystals for virtually every kind of electronic appliances. Today the three plants in Switzerland , Thailand and China with more than 850 employees produce several hundred million crystals per year. MICRO CRYSTAL, ISO 9001 certified since 1998, has the reputation as an extremely flexible and reliable source for quality frequency-control products.The entire production process is completely controlled by MICRO CRYSTAL, from the raw material, the photolithographic batch process to the finished and tested parts in SMD metal- or ceramic-packages.The high-precision photolithographic process enables MICRO CRYSTAL to produce sub-miniature tuning fork and high frequency AT-cut crystals covering a wide range from 10kHz to 250MHz. These products are used in a variety of markets including telecommunications, medical electronics, consumer, automotive, computer and watch industries.

Featured: RV-4162-C7

Data Sheet Micro Crystal's ultra small RTC (Real Time Clock) Module is specifically designed for miniature and cost sensitive high volume applications. The very small SMT ceramic package combines a 32.768kHz crystal unit with the CMOS-based oscillator and real-time-clock circuitry. The clock function provides tenths/hundredths of seconds, seconds, minutes and hours. The calendar function tracks date, month, year and century with automatic leap year compensation. Programmable CLKOUT frequencies, alarm settings and watchdog function increase flexibility using this device.

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Featured: RV-3049-C2

Data Sheet The RV-3049-C2 is a Real-Time-Clock Module with embedded Crystal. This RTC has 4-wire serial Interface (SPI-Bus) and offers temperature compensated time. The STC-Smart Temperature Compensation is calibrated in the factory and leads to a very high time-accuracy of ± 6ppm from -40°C to +85°C and ± 8ppm from -40°C to +125°C. Beside standard RTC functions, it includes a Backup-Battery Input with internal switchover function, a programmable Trickle-charge circuitry, an integrated Temperature Sensor with digital-output and offers 8 Bytes RAM and 2 Bytes EEPROM for customer's application.

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