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Rakon is a world leader in the design and manufacture of frequency control solutions for high performance and high volume markets. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Rakon is a global company with manufacturing facilities in New Zeland, Europe, India and soon China. Sales and customer support offices are located around the world. Rakon's product range include TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators), OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators), VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators) and XO's (Clock Oscillators). In addition Rakon has also pioneered the worlds smallest complete GPS-RF-Front-End Module, this is an innovative product designed to take the work out of integrating GPS satellitle signals with powerful processors which can calculate position. Undoubtably the number one in frequency control for Positioning applications Rakon is also a leader in the supply to the Telecommunications, Mobile and Aerospace industries. Rakon Ltd Crystals and Oscillators in stock now at Dove Electronic Components, Inc. For more information regarding Rakon Ltd. , call 1-800-232-9825

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IT3210CE 16.0MHZ

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IT3210CE 16.0MHZ

Rakon's IT3200C Series TCXO Product description: The IT3200C with voltage control option, employs an analogue IC for the oscillator and temperature compensation. The RSX-8 crystal is surface mounted on top of the ceramic IC carrier. The segregation of the crystal from the oscillator further improves the reliability of the product. Features: Low cost SMD TCXO with voltage control option, using an analogue IC for compensation. Frequencies ranging from 10MHz to 40MHz. Applications: Feature phone, GPS, Wi-Fi, WiMAX/W-LAN and Others.

  • Frequency Range: 16 MHz

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  1. IT3210CE 16.0MHZ

    IT3210CE 16.0MHZ


    TCXO SMD 3.2X2.5 +/-2.0PPM Learn More

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