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Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks

Heat Sinks are used as part of a thermal management solution and are designed to absorb heat from another object via thermal contact. The heat sink then dissipates the heat through it's own material. Heat sinks are required in applications that need a way to extract heat from components that would otherwise over-heat. Heat sinks provide a rapid transfer of thermal energy that allows for quicker cooling of components in many different applications. The most common design of a Heat Sink includes "cooling fins". A fan can also be used in combination with heats sinks to provide additional extraction of heat caused by normal application operation. Dove currently provides CTS Heat Sinks (data sheets). Please contact Dove today for a quote or to speak with a Thermal Management Solution specialist.



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TX1806B TX1806B Heat Sinks Thermal link ret w/beo insul
dove item# : dov069471
CTS Corporation TX1806 - - - Black Cadmium - - - - -
TXBF-032-025B TXBF-032-025B Heat Sinks To-5 black cadmium heat fantop
dove item# : dov068360
CTS Corporation TXBF - 1.25mm - Black Cadmium BeCu - - - -
E915070BA E915070BA
Heat Sinks 4.13x7 heat sink
dove item# : dov021588
CTS Corporation - - - - - - - - - -
BDN18-3CB BDN18-3CB Heat Sinks Bdn series al heat sink
dove item# : dov069558
CTS Corporation BDN18 1.81mm x 1.81mm - .355mm - - Adhesive - - -
APR19-19-15CB/T410 APR19-19-15CB/T410 Heat Sinks Forged alum heatsink w/pin fin
dove item# : dov068933
CTS Corporation APR 18.60mm x 18.60mm 14.60mm - Black Anodized Aluminum Alloy Snap On 5 x 5 6.6°C Watt 13.9°C Watt
TX30547R TX30547R
Heat Sinks Heat sink dissipator
dove item# : dov062499
CTS Corporation - - - - - - - - - -
APR272712CBA01 APR272712CBA01 Heat Sinks Heat sink 26.6x26.6x11.6
dove item# : dov017866
CTS Corporation APR - - - Black Anodized 6063 Aluminum Alloy - - - -