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VT-820 Series




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Lead Free


VT-820-FFH-507E-26M0000000 VT-820-FFH-507E-26M0000000 TCXO 26.0000m 3v +/-0.5ppm -30/+85
dove item# : dov066265
Vectron International Inc. VT-820 26 MHz 3.0V -35°C to +85°C 3.20mm x 5.00mm 1.00mm ±0.5ppm Clipped Sinewave 2.0mA Max. 10pF Max. Surface Mount 4 Pad Ceramic 2.5V 5 x 3.2 Cut Tape,Dove Reel Yes -
VT-820-EFE-5070-31M2500000 VT-820-EFE-5070-31M2500000 TCXO 31.250mhz 3.3v 0.5ppm -40/+85
dove item# : dov069990
Vectron International Inc. VT-820 31.25 MHz 3.3V -40°C to +85°C 3.20mm x 5.00mm 1.50mm ±0.5ppm - - 10pF Max. Surface Mount - Ceramic 2.5V - Tape and Reel Yes -
VT-820-FFE-106A-10M000000 VT-820-FFE-106A-10M000000 TCXO Tcxo 10.0mhz 3v 1/5ppm -40/+85
dove item# : dov062528
Vectron International Inc. VT-820 10 MHz 3V -40°C to +85°C 3.20mm x 2.50mm 1.00mm - Clipped Sinewave - - Surface Mount 4 Pad - - - Yes Yes
VT-820-FFE-5070-16M36800 VT-820-FFE-5070-16M36800 TCXO 16.368mhz 3v 0.5ppm -40/+85
dove item# : dov071463
Vectron International Inc. VT-820 16.368 MHz 3.0V -40°C to +85°C 3.20mm x 2.50mm 1.00mm ±0.5ppm Clipped Sinewave 1.5mA Max. 10pF Max. Surface Mount 4 Pad Ceramic 2.5V - Bulk,Cut Tape,Dove Reel Yes -