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CVCO55CC Series




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Part Series


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Operating Temperature


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CVCO55CC-3345-3955 CVCO55CC-3345-3955
VCO 3345 mhz vco
dove item# : dov069946
Crystek Corporation CVCO55CC - - - - - - - - 3345 MHz - -
CVC055CC-2700-2700 CVC055CC-2700-2700 VCO 2700mhz 5v -40/+85 vco
dove item# : dov070524
Crystek Corporation CVCO55CC 5.0V -40°C to +85°C 12.70mm x 12.70mm 5.59mm 30mA Max. Surface Mount Metal 2700 MHz 2700 MHz 9.0dBm 4.5Vdc
CVC055CC-2970-3230 CVC055CC-2970-3230 VCO 2970-3230 mhz 5v -40/+85
dove item# : dov071425
Crystek Corporation CVCO55CC 5V -40°C to +85°C 12.70mm x 12.70mm - - Surface Mount - - 2970-3270 6.0±2.0 0.1 TO 4.9