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Gyro Sensors

Gyro Sensors

A Gyro Sensor OR Gyroscope is an electronic device used for maintaining "orientation" in many different applications. A few of these applications include: Picture Stabilization (Camcorders), Moving Detection in human controlled devices & GPS Units. Modern gyro sensors are available in small SMD package sizes that consume very little power while maintaining high stability. Most MEMS gyro sensors have a built-in drive and detection circuits designed for existing applications and future scalability. Please contact Dove today for a quote or to speak with a MEMS Gyro Sensor specialist.



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XV-3900CB:0 50.3000KHZ XV-3900CB:0 50.3000KHZ Gyro Sensors Gyro sensor 3.0v -20/+80
dove item# : dov069536
Epson Electronics America XV-3900CB -20°C to +80°C 5.00mm x 3.20mm 1.30mm Surface Mount 8 Pad Ceramic 5 x 3.2 ±100°/s 5.4mA Max. Yes Yes
XV-3500CB:B 50.3000KHZ XV-3500CB:B 50.3000KHZ
Gyro Sensors +/- 100dps gyro sensor
dove item# : dov019884
Epson Electronics America XV-3500CB - - - - - - - - - - -
XV-8000CB:B 50.3000KHZ XV-8000CB:B 50.3000KHZ
Gyro Sensors Ultra mini 5v gyro sensor
dove item# : dov014472
Epson Electronics America XV-8000CB - - - - - - - - - - -
XV-8100CB:B 46.5000KHZ XV-8100CB:B 46.5000KHZ Gyro Sensors Gyro sensor 3v 100dps -40/85
dove item# : dov065609
Epson Electronics America XV-8100CB -40°C to +85°C 3.20mm x 5.00mm 1.30mm Surface Mount 8 Pad - - ±100 1.7mA Max. Yes Yes
XV-3500CB:B0 46.5000KHZ XV-3500CB:B0 46.5000KHZ
Gyro Sensors +/-300dps gyro sensor
dove item# : dov017161
Epson Electronics America XV-3500CB - - - - - - - - - - -