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TZ1325D TZ1325D Tai-Saw TST
1000 pcs.
General Crystals 26.000mhz 8pf 20ppm -40/+85
dove item# : dov063273
TA0689A TA0689A Tai-Saw TST 536 pcs.
Saw Filters 978 mhz smd 3v -40/+85
dove item# : dov065848
TA0968A TA0968A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters 836.5mhz saw filter
dove item# : dov069029
TB0208A TB0208A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters 243mhz 15v -25/+60
dove item# : dov066996
TA1047A TA1047A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters Saw filter 1489mhz smd 3x3
dove item# : dov064567
TB0603A TB0603A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters 110.592 saw filter smd 7.0x5.0
dove item# : dov063111
TB0103A TB0103A Tai-Saw TST
Saw Filters 190mhz saw filter 5.0 x 5.0
dove item# : dov070484
TA1617A TA1617A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters 1224mhz smt saw filter
dove item# : dov068795
TB0440A TB0440A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters 140mhz smd saw filter
dove item# : dov065830
TA0700A TA0700A Tai-Saw TST Saw Filters Saw filter 2250mhz
dove item# : dov063460