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Epson Electronics America

Epson Electronics America

Dove offers the following Epson Toyocom timing devices; Spread Spectrum Crystal Oscillators | High Stability Crystal Oscillators | Low kHz Frequency Clock Oscillators | Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO) | Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO), Real Time Clocks, SAW Oscillators (High Freq Ultra Low Jitter), SAW Resonator & Filter, Crystals | MHz Surface Mount Device Crystals | MHz Thru-Hole Crystals | kHz Surface Mount Device Crystals | kHz Thru-Hole Crystals. Epson Electronics America devices in stock now at Dove Electronic Components, Inc

Featured: FA-128

Data Sheet Epson's FA-128 Series offers a frequency range of 16 to 54MHz with fundamental overtone order in a 2.0 X 1.6X 0.5mm ceramic package. FA-128's are ideal for Mobile Phones, Bluetooth, W-LAN, ISM Band Radio and MPU Clock applications.

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Featured: SG-210STF

Data Sheet Epson's SG-210STF Series Crystal Oscillator is designed for Automotive Applications such as ESC, Control Unit for Airbags and Engine Control Systems. Along with automotive driver safety systems, these devices can used used in Multi-media systems, exterior electronics and remote control systems.

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