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InterQuip Electronics

InterQuip Electronics

Interquip Electronics, founded in September 2002, specializes in the Design and Manufacturing of Frequency Control Products. Their broad offering of Crystals, Oscillators, VCXO's, TCXO's, OCXO's, SAW Devices, Ceramic Devices and MC Filters can meet the need of almost any application. Interquip Electronics is an ISO Certified company with 3 highly sophisticated production and clean room facilities. Monthly output from these facilities is over 20 Million devices, giving Interquip a strong presence in the frequency control market. Popular part series' include: SMCE-2520, SMCE-3225, SMAC-3225, SMAC-1045, 163, 165, TC600, TC610, TC800, THHF-49S, SMHF-BCD, VC620, and VC600. For more information regarding InterQuip Electronics, call 1-800-232-9825.

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