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IQD Frequency Products

IQD Frequency Products

Backed by a pedigree that has been developed over 40 years, IQD Frequency Products is a recognised market leader in the frequency control market. With active customers in over 60 countries, IQD offers one of the most comprehensive frequency product ranges available, from low cost commercial grade product to that used in high reliability military and professional grade applications, including: Quartz Crystals Crystal Clock Oscillators Industrial & Automotive Crystals (AEC-Q200 & TS16949 release) Fast Make Oscillators VCXOs TCXOs OCXOs GPS Disciplined OCXOs Rubidium Oscillators Quality and Customer Service Quality and customer service are the cornerstones of our success and we are absolutely focused on consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We have invested in being able to assure our customers of the highest standards throughout our businesses and regularly open ourselves up for customer and other audits. Our quality management system is constantly evolving to meet the changing requirements of the electronics industry. For more information regarding IQD Frequency Products , call 1-800-232-9825.

Featured: CFPS-73

Data Sheet IQD's CFPS-73 Series crystal clock oscillator features: Standard 7 x 5mm crystal oscillator, Ceramic package with a seam sealed metal lid, hermetically sealed. ** Stock parts are available, Fast Make capability: CFPP-73 series programmable oscillators are the nearest equivalent fast make model.** Frequency Parameters: Frequency 500.0kHz to 156.0MHz, Frequency Stability ±20.00ppm to ±100.00ppm, Ageing ±3ppm per year max.

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