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ASTX-01HA-20.000MHZ-E25 ASTX-01HA-20.000MHZ-E25 TCXO 20.000 mhz vctcxo smt 2.5ppm
dove item# : dov000661
Abracon Corporation ASTX-01HA 20 MHz 3.3V -20°C to +70°C 4.00mm ±2.5ppm HCMOS/TTL 15mA Max. 15pF/10TTL Max. Surface Mount 6 Pad - Metal - Tape and Reel Yes Yes
TX-F410LP-20.000M-TR TX-F410LP-20.000M-TR TCXO 20.000mhz 5v 1.0ppm -30/+70
dove item# : dov072518
Transko TX-F4 20 MHz 5V -30°C to +70°C 5.00mm ±1.0ppm Clipped Sine Wave 30mA Max. - Surface Mount 4 Pad - - - - Yes
TX3351 TX3351
TCXO Txo220ae 16.000mhz
dove item# : dov067799
Rakon TXO200A 16 MHz - - 1.85mm ±1-2ppm - 2.0mA Max. - Surface Mount - - - - - Yes
VC-TXO-39SMX-128-TR VC-TXO-39SMX-128-TR TCXO 11x9 -40/+85 2.5ppm 12.80mhz
dove item# : dov015598
ECS Inc. International VC-TXO-39SMX 128 MHz 3V -30°C to +75°C 2.30mm ±2.5ppm - 1.5mA Max. - Surface Mount 4 Pad 0.5V to 2.5V Ceramic 9 x 11 Cut Tape,Dove Reel Yes Yes
TX-F410LP-20.08M-TR TX-F410LP-20.08M-TR TCXO 20.08mhz 5v 1.0ppm -30/+70
dove item# : dov072517
Transko TX-F4 20.08 MHz 5V -30°C to +70°C 5.00mm ±1.0ppm Clipped Sine Wave 30mA Max. - Surface Mount 4 Pad - - - - Yes
VM62S3-12.800-14357 VM62S3-12.800-14357 VCTCXO Clip swave 3v 2.5ppm -20/+50
dove item# : dov012444
Mercury Electronics VM62S 12.8 MHz 3.0V - 2.50mm ±2.5ppm Clipped Sinewave 1.5mA Max. 10pF Max. Surface Mount 6 Pad 1.5V to 1.0V Ceramic 11 x 9 - Yes