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SQ2244 20.000 SQ2244 20.000 208 pcs.
General Oscillators 20.000 mhz 25ppm half size osc
dove item# : dov009208
Pletronics Inc. Half Size
SQ2244S 16.384 SQ2244S 16.384
General Oscillators 16.384 mhz half size ttl/hcm 2
dove item# : dov009213
Pletronics Inc. Half Size
SQ2244ES-40.050-50 SQ2244ES-40.050-50
General Oscillators 40.050 mhz 25ppm 5v -40/+85c h
dove item# : dov009211
Pletronics Inc. Half Size
SQ2244 40.000 SQ2244 40.000
General Oscillators 40.000 mhz 25ppm half size ttl
dove item# : dov009209
Pletronics Inc. Half Size
SQ2244S 20.000 SQ2244S 20.000
General Oscillators 20.000 mhz 1/2 size ttl/hcmos
dove item# : dov009214
Pletronics Inc. Half Size
SQ2244P 12.352 SQ2244P 12.352
General Oscillators 12.352 mhz half size 25ppm 45/
dove item# : dov009212
Pletronics Inc. Half Size
SQ2244ES-39.950-50 SQ2244ES-39.950-50
General Oscillators 39.950 mhz 25ppm 5v -40/+85 ha
dove item# : dov009210
Pletronics Inc. Half Size