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HC49SD Series




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FOXSD/0443 T/R FOXSD/0443 T/R
1000 pcs.
General Crystals 4.433619 30/50ppm 20pf -20/+70
dove item# : dov015736
Fox Electronics HC49SD 4.433619 MHz Tape and Reel
FOXSD/060-18 FOXSD/060-18
258 pcs.
General Crystals 6.0000m 30/50ppm 18pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003779
Fox Electronics HC49SD 6 MHz Bulk,Cut Tape,Dove Reel
FOXSD/147-20/TR FOXSD/147-20/TR
12 pcs.
General Crystals 14.7456m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003807
Fox Electronics HC49SD 14.7456 MHz Tape and Reel
FOXSD/100-20 FOXSD/100-20
General Crystals 10.0000m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003792
Fox Electronics HC49SD 10 MHz Bulk,Cut Tape,Dove Reel
FOXSD/0368-20 FOXSD/0368-20
General Crystals 3.6864m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003768
Fox Electronics HC49SD 3.6864 MHz
FOXSD/200-20 FOXSD/200-20
General Crystals 20.0000m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003814
Fox Electronics HC49SD 20 MHz
FOXSD/073-20/TR FOXSD/073-20/TR
General Crystals 7.3728m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003785
Fox Electronics HC49SD 7.3728 MHz
FOXSD/160-20 FOXSD/160-20
General Crystals 16.0000m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003808
Fox Electronics HC49SD 16 MHz
FOXSD/060-20 FOXSD/060-20
General Crystals 6.0000m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003781
Fox Electronics HC49SD 6 MHz
FOXSD/147-20 FOXSD/147-20
General Crystals 14.7456m 30/50ppm 20pf -10/+70
dove item# : dov003806
Fox Electronics HC49SD 14.7456 MHz