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Rectifier Diodes

Rectifier Diodes

Rectifier Diodes available at Dove Electronic Components, Inc.



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JANTXV1N5417US/TR JANTXV1N5417US/TR Rectifier Diodes Rectifier ufr frr
dove item# : dov077761
Microchip Technology 21794 -65°C to +175°C Surface Mount D-5B 1.5V 3A 1uA Fast Recovery Standard 200V 150ns 3A
JANTXV1N5420US/TR JANTXV1N5420US/TR Rectifier Diodes Rectifier ufr frr
dove item# : dov077766
Microchip Technology 21806 -65°C to +175°C Surface Mount D-5B Tape and Reel 1.5V 3A 1uA Fast Recovery Standard 600V 400ns 3A
JANTXV1N5806US JANTXV1N5806US Rectifier Diodes Rectifier 150v 1a smt d-sa
dove item# : dov075548
Microchip Technology 10949 -65°C to +175°C Surface Mount D-5A Bulk 875mV 2.5A 1A Fast Recovery Standard 150V 25ns 1A