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Display Controllers (LCDC)

Display Controllers (LCDC)



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S1D13705F00A200-119 S1D13705F00A200-119 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller swivel view
dove item# : dov074458
Epson America, Inc. S1D13705 COREVDD: 2.7V-3.6V (+options) -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount QFP14-80pin QVGA LCD Controller 80KB Embedded SRAM SwivelView, Split Screen - - Tray Yes Yes
S1D13746B01B600-416 S1D13746B01B600-416 Display Controllers (LCDC) Tv out controller 312kb sram+
dove item# : dov074474
Epson America, Inc. S1D13746 COREVDD: 1.5V (+options) -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount PFBGA-100pin PAL/NTSC Encoder/Controller 312KB Embedded SRAM SwivelView, Bi-Cubic Scaler - - Tray Yes Yes
S1D13L02F00A100 S1D13L02F00A100 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller pinp wvga
dove item# : dov074490
Epson America, Inc. S1D13L02 COREVDD: 1.5V (+options) -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount QFP22-208pin WVGA LCD Controller 1024KB Embedded SRAM 3 Display Layers, PinP, Gamma - - Tray Yes Yes
S2D13P04F00A100 S2D13P04F00A100 Display Controllers (LCDC) Camera interface chip for auto
dove item# : dov074506
Epson America, Inc. S2D13P04 COREVDD: 1.8V, IOVDD: 3.3V -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount QFP15-100pin Camera Interface Chip (Auto.) Large-Capacity Emb. VRAM Automotive 4 Chan. NTSC/PAL - - Tray Yes Yes
S1D13515B00B100 S1D13515B00B100 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller risc cpu xga
dove item# : dov074449
Epson America, Inc. S1D13515 COREVDD: 1.8V, IOVDD: 3.3V -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount PBGA1UC-256pin XGA LCD Controller 64MB Max. External SDRAM 2D BitBLT 100 MHz Max. (SDRAM) 50 MHz Max Tray Yes Yes
S1D13717F00A200 S1D13717F00A200 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller camera 0.3mp
dove item# : dov074465
Epson America, Inc. S1D13717 COREVDD: 1.8V, IOVDD: 3.0V -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount QFP21-176pin QVGA LCD Controller 224KB Embedded SRAM SwivelView, 0.3MP Camera, JPG - - Tray Yes Yes
S1D13781F00A100 S1D13781F00A100 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller wqvga
dove item# : dov074481
Epson America, Inc. S1D13781 COREVDD: 1.5V (+options) -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount QFP15-100pin WQVGA LCD Controller 384KB Embedded SRAM 2D BitBLT, Alpha Blending, PnP - - Tray Yes Yes
S1D13U11F00A100-60 S1D13U11F00A100-60 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller usb 2.0 hs svga
dove item# : dov074497
Epson America, Inc. S1D13U11 USBVDD: 3.3V, COREVDD: 1.8V -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount QFP20-144pin SVGA USB LCD Controller 16MB Max. External SDRAM Alpha Blending, PinP, USB 2 96 MHz Max. (SDRAM) 12 MHz or 24 MHz Tray Yes Yes
S1D13700F02A100-160 S1D13700F02A100-160 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller i/f qvga
dove item# : dov074456
Epson America, Inc. S1D13700 COREVDD: 3.0V-3.6V (+options) -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount TQFP13-64pin QVGA LCD Controller 32KB Embedded SRAM 3 Overlay Screens, MonoSTN I/F - - Tray Yes Yes
S1D13743F00A200-60 S1D13743F00A200-60 Display Controllers (LCDC) Lcd controller wqvga
dove item# : dov074472
Epson America, Inc. S1D13743 COREVDD: 1.5V (+options) -40°C to +85°C Surface Mount PQFP20-144pin WQVGA LCD Controller 464KB Embedded SRAM SwivelView, Double Buffer - - Tray Yes Yes