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SQ3320 Series




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SQ3320DV-77.760M SQ3320DV-77.760M
General Oscillators 77.760 mhz 20ppm 3.3v half siz
dove item# : dov009237
Pletronics Inc. SQ3320 Half Size
SQ3320S 2.048M-50 SQ3320S 2.048M-50
General Oscillators 2.048 mhz half size 20ppm 50pf
dove item# : dov009240
Pletronics Inc. SQ3320 Half Size
SQ3320ES 10.6656 SQ3320ES 10.6656
General Oscillators 10.6656 mhz 20ppm -40+85 45/55
dove item# : dov009238
Pletronics Inc. SQ3320 Half Size
SQ3320EV 62.208 SQ3320EV 62.208
General Oscillators 62.208 mhz half size 3.3v 20pp
dove item# : dov009239
Pletronics Inc. SQ3320 Half Size