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Tubular Resistors

Tubular Resistors



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886SP500K 886SP500K 15 pcs.
Tubular Resistors Std tubular resistor 5x3/4
dove item# : dov071592
892SP600L 892SP600L 1 pcs.
Tubular Resistors Tubular res 60ohms 20% -55/350
dove item# : dov073685
889AS500JN 889AS500JN
1 pcs.
Tubular Resistors Tub res 50 ohms 5% -55/+230c
dove item# : dov072372
891SP400K 891SP400K
Tubular Resistors Tubular res 40 ohms 10%
dove item# : dov074349
1044AS482LDS 1044AS482LDS
Tubular Resistors Tub res 4800 ohms 20% -55/+230
dove item# : dov075030
885SP100K 885SP100K Tubular Resistors Tubular resistors
dove item# : dov072204
890A105L 890A105L
Tubular Resistors Tubular resistor 20% -55/+230c
dove item# : dov072262
1038AS600KNO 1038AS600KNO
Tubular Resistors Tubular res 60 ohms 10%
dove item# : dov072391
890AS400KDS 890AS400KDS Tubular Resistors Tubular res 40 ohms 10%
dove item# : dov073271
885AS500KDS 885AS500KDS
Tubular Resistors Tubular res 50 ohms 10% -55/+2
dove item# : dov073865